Babies & Teachers on the Way!

We are very excited for Mme Tait and Mme Chalabi who are welcoming their new additions very soon!

Great news for our students – Mme Lafortune who is returning from a family leave will be teaching Mme Tait’s class.  Mme Lafortune has been at home since the start of the year as her family grew from a family of two to a family of four.  The good news for her class is they will have the opportunity to work with Mme Lafortune in grade 7 as well as for the remainder of this year, as she is our regular grade 7 Green Team teacher and partners with Mme Dalgaard.

Mme King enjoys teaching the class she shares with Mme Chalabi so much that she is going to be the full time teacher once Mme Chalabi is on maternity leave.  It will be a fabulous finish for our grade 6 Late Immersion students and we wish Mme Tait & Mme Chalabi all the best as their families grow.