November News

Remembrance Day Assembly Tomorrow at 11:00

We are looking forward to our assembly tomorrow featuring student MCs Taylorpoppy Menzies and Caillie Vickers.    The legion has dropped off poppies for students and staff to purchase.  Please bring a donation to your Core teacher to purchase a poppy and support our veterans.  Our grade 8 band will be performing for the first time this year.  Cadets are encouraged to come in full dress.

Busy October at SMS!

We had a fantastic October with a perfect combination of learning and fun at SMS.  Please see below for a few of the many exciting events.

Ancient Culture Studies



Students in Mr. Lynka’s class constructed their own early farm tools out of natural materials before testing them in the field.  SMS is full of examples of teachers and students working together on meaningful and relevant


jamieOur Leadership Team (of 72 students) has had a busy start to the year.  They raised over $200 at Applefest and donated the proceeds to Second Harvest.  Movie Night was a huge success with over $600 raised to support one of Salmon Arm’s refuge families.  Orange Team (YAY Orange) won our Toonie Tuesweek Fundraising Challenge – thanks to our leadership students motivating students to participate and “sabotage” other teams (we have learned just how competitive Mrs. Penner is!).  A number of the students are currently gearing up for WE Day in Vancouver where they will gain motivation and strategies to continue the fabulous activities for the year.  Our team also put together a fantastic Halloween haunted house and dance on October 31.  Thanks to an amazing group of students and their teacher sponsors, Mrs. Limber, Mme Vezina, Ms. Craig and Mme Weir!


As you can see from the photo above, Mrs. Lawson is going to be busy with her little pumpkin soon.  Her last day is Friday, November 16th.  We will miss her while she is on maternity leave and wish her the best.  Mme Jègues and Mr. Matheson are interviewing to find a great new math and science 8 teacher this week.

Lunchtime Activities Gearing Up!

As the colder weather approaches, a number of clubs will begin.  Students are encouraged to listen to the announcements, check the tv displays and look for a poster on the bulletin board in front of the office.  Chess club is already in full swing with up to 23 matches happening Thursdays at lunch in the library.  Indigenous Boys and Girls’ clubs are meeting regularly as well.  Last year’s clubs included art club, yearbook, drama, pinterest, coloring, magic cards, and a variety of intramural events in the gym.  Intramural basketball starts this week.  Stay tuned!


Sports Update

Thanks to the many, many coaches (listed in the October blog) who have made so many sports available during the Fall season.  Mr. Smith will have a large group of basketball coaches to work with and Mr. Lazar will begin wrestling soon.  Again, please listen to the announcements and check the tvs for dates and times.

Purdy’s Fundraiser

November 15th is the deadline for our PAC fundraiser.  Detailed information was emailed home to parents yesterday.  Last year students sold so much chocolate, our PAC was able to support us with $5,800.  Get your Christmas shopping done early and easily!  Catalogues, details and order forms were sent home on the Thanksgiving weekend.  Please feel free to contact us if you need another catalogue or more information.  Orders can also be made on the website below:…/06/purdys-chocolate-fundraiser

Student Pick up and Drop off

We are working hard to ensure our students are safe in the morning and after school.    In addition to our crossing guards Wella and Kari on 30th, we have added a teacher to the lower crosswalk in the morning.   A reminder that in the morning, there are three options for drop off. The least busy, at this point, is our lower parking lot.  It is possible to turn right into the lot or access from Okanagan Avenue.  This avoids having to turn right at the stop sign as you exit our lot.  Field of Dreams is another good option to avoid the busy parking lot at the school.  Unfortunately, a few drivers are making it difficult for the majority of parents following the rules.  Please ensure you are driving less than 10 km an hour in our parking lot, obeying all traffic signs (no left turn into the lower parking lot or onto 30th) and giving our busses the right of way.  On 30th, please ensure you are driving less than 30 km/hr in the school zone.  Thanks for your cooperation in keeping all of our 660+ students safe!

Attendance Matters

We have added an attendance goal to our goals of literacy and numeracy.  We know that students who attend school regularly are our most successful.  Please encourage your student(s) to be here everyday; unless it is impossible due to illness.  We are tracking attendance carefully and will continue to update you on our progress with this goal.  Please let us know if you have a student who is struggling to get to school.  We would love to meet with you and work as a team to help your child succeed.

As always, please feel free to contact any of our office staff (Kyla, Dee, Laura, Chris, Wendy) if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  Enjoy today’s sunshine before the snow flies!