Welcome Winter!

It is wonderful to see everyone back safe and sound at SMS.  Before we leave 2018 behind, here is one more look at one of the many ways SMS students made our community a better place.  Ms. Kallies’ class collected trucks full of donations which they delivered to the SPCA to help the many animals stay warm and fed.  Well done!



January until Spring Break is a key learning time for our students.  It has been fantastic to see how quickly classes have settled back into routines and to witness the fabulous learning already taking place.  In addition to the academic learning, a great variety of opportunities are available for students prior to school, at lunch and after school.  Please take the time to view the poster for details about lunchtime clubs and encourage your child(ren) to get involved.   Please click on the link below for the poster.

lunch schedule of activities

Basketball and Wrestling

Basketball season is in full swing.  Grade 8s began before the break.  We have over 100 grade 6/7 players signed up for practices which began this week and a terrific team of coaches working with them.   It’s not too late to join! Grade 6/7 boys practice Monday and Wednesday after school and Grade 6/7 girls Tuesday and Thursday.  Wrestling is continuing from prior to the break as well.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found continues to overflow with great clothing, water bottles and even shoes!  Anything remaining at the end of next week will be delivered to the thrift store.  Please encourage your child(ren) to have a look or come and check it out when you are at the school.


Our first PAC meeting of the year is at 6:30 on Monday, January 21st.  All parents are invited to join this fabulous group who work hard to support our students.

Leadership Movie Night

Our leadership students are offering the second movie night of the year on Friday, February 1 beginning at 5:15.  The movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” will be shown.  Please note that the movie is rated PG.