March Update

It is hard to believe we have just two weeks until Spring Break!  It has been a busy and productive term at SMS.  Please read on for more information.

     Fabulous Kimmy Cantrell Inspired Masks By Our Art 8 Students!


Pink Shirt Day was a huge success.

Thanks to our fantastic student leadership team for organizing our assembly on February 27th.  After they set the tone about why Pink Shirt Day is important at SMS, the students introduced two guest speakers.  Josh Dueck, Paralympic sit ski medal winner, inspired us with stories of how he overcame poverty and bullying as a grade 6/7 student and became a national level athlete.  Following his accident, and with the great support of family and friends, he began his inspirational journey of perseverance and determination which led him to be the first sit-skier to complete a backflip and resulted in a handful of Olympic medals.  Our very own mayor, Alan Harrison, received a very warm welcome; especially from his previous Hillcrest and Bastion students!  Both thought provoking talks challenged us to be the best people we can be and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In addition to our assembly, classes used a variety of methods to discuss bullying and make SMS an even more inclusive and safe place.  The poems above were written by Ms. Verney’s class.  Well done!

Attendance Matters – Every Day Counts

Our counselors, Ms. Little and Ms. Mueller gave an informative presentation to PAC at the February meeting about the impact of missing school.  Please see the link below for a quick segment from CBC’s “The National” for an overview.  The quick video shows pediatricians’ research that kids who miss a lot of school can suffer later in life.  One of the most disturbing statistics shared by our counselors is that if a student missed just two days a month, it adds up to 1.5 years by grade 12.  Improving attendance is one of our growth plan goals.  Please feel free to give us a call if your student has extenuating circumstances we can help with.

CBC Pediatricians’ Report



Another of our growth plan goal is to improve our students’ numeracy skills.  While our data shows this is a good goal to focus on, we are pleased to report that the our students had excellent results at the Okanagan College Math Challenge last week.  The team comprised of Marissa Dollack, Devyn Hughes, Micah Knutson, Frankie Ayotte and Eli Decker placed first overall in the team event.  In the individual events, Micah Knutson placed 2nd and Eric Moore placed 6th.  Thanks to M Hobart for coaching and travelling with the team.  The picture with all of our talented mathematicians who participated is below.  math competition

Sports Update

Our grade 8 basketball teams had very successful seasons.  The boys team, coached by Mr. Rodwell, Mr. Meuller and Mr. Brennan lost in a hard fight semi-final game.  Our girls placed second in the zone under the coaching of Mrs. Limber and Ms. Meuller.  Grade 6/7 teams (over 100 players in total) are wrapping up their seasons next week.  Thanks to the many coaches making it possible to have so many students involved and to our amazing grade 8 mentors who have been coming to all games and practices.


In wrestling news, we have a provincial level athlete in Hayden Lazar!  Congratulations to Hayden who competed against students in grade 8-12 in the 38 kg class and placed second in BC!  He is pictured above with the SAS team and in red above the #2 on the podium.  Well done, Hayden!


Parking Lot Update

stop sign While the snow makes it hard to see, Mr. Matheson has worked with our district maintenance staff to make another change to our parking lot in our ongoing quest to ensure student and staff safety.  The stop sign is now located in front of the cross walk.  As you know, we also have a teacher on cross walk duty each morning and after school.  Please be sure to stop at the stop sign, even if no one is using the crosswalk.  The second purpose of the stop sign is to ensure buses have the right of way into the bus lane.  Thank you to everyone for you cooperation; despite the large number of parents dropping students off in the morning, it is getting much better.  Thanks, too, for remembering not to turn left into the lower parking lot or on to 30th.


Blanket Exercise

Our staff spent our February staff meeting learning the difficult history of our Indigenous people.  Mme Jègues invited Tara Willard, Indigenous Education Worker, Theresa Johnson, IEW, Meredith Rusk, District Indigenous Helping Teacher, and Morgen MacDonaldn Truth and Reconciliation Ally for SMS to work us through the powerful exercise.  Several teachers have worked with our in-house team to complete the exercise in class as well.  This allows students to participate through experiential learning about  history and impact of colonization.   The sharing circle at the end allowed the students and staff to explore their feelings and reflect on how we can move forward with reconciliation.

Report Cards

We have come to the end of a very productive term at SMS.  Thanks to our staff and students for their hard work.  It is always a pleasure to visit classrooms and see the great learning taking place.  Report Cards are available on Student Connect and Parent Connect on March 14th.  Please see instructions on the website if you have questions, or call Cinnamon for assistance (or better yet, ask your student for help they are the real experts!).

Upcoming Events

March 6th  Cultural Performance with Jamie Oliverio

March 14th  Report Cards available on Student Connect and Parent Connect

March 16th  Last Day before Spring Break

April 1st Welcome Back (and that is not an April Fool’s joke)…….haha!

As always, please feel free to contact any of our office staff if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions!  We appreciate the opportunity to work with your students daily and are always open to feedback.