Enjoy the long weekend!

rabbitA reminder that tomorrow is Good Friday, Monday is Easter Monday and Tuesday is a professional development day for our staff.  We wish everyone a happy and safe weekend.  Thanks to Alena Hamilton for the bunny art!

Next week, Mr. Matheson, Mme Jègues and I will be visiting classes with “Spring” reminders such as appropriate clothing for school and staying focused on learning even on the beautiful sunny days we hope will be arriving soon!

Our grade 8 band did a fantastic job at the curriculum evening last week.  Thanks to the students who also attended and shared their learning with parents of students in kindergarten to grade 12, and to the classes that did a great job displaying how the new curriculum and the core competencies are working.

Please remember to use designated areas to drop off your students.  We are working hard to keep students safe.  It is important that students are dropped off only in the lower parking lot, the Field of Dreams parking lot, or the front off the school.  Other places (the side of the road) put their safety in jeopardy.  Thanks very much and have a fantastic weekend.

Upcoming Dates

April 24th  Fourth term explorations begin

April 24th 6:30  Grade 8 Parent Evening (for next year’s grade 9 students) at Jackson

April 25th  Grade 9 course selection forms due to Ms. Little

April 26th  Scout Day (1-2 grade 5 students from each class visiting SMS)

April 29-May 3  SMS admin visiting all grade 5 classes at feeder schools

May 7th 2:50  School Achievement Plan sharing session

May 8th  5:30  Parent Information Evening (students welcome) for current grade 5 students.

May 16th  Deadline for placement requests for 2019-20 (must be for educational reasons)

May 26 – June 1  Quebec Trip

June 4th  District Track Meet

June 10th  10:15  2019-20 Late French Immersion students (grade 6) visit SMS

June 11th 12:40 2019-20 Early French Immersion students (grade 6) visit SMS

June 13th  11:05  2019-20 English Track students (grade 6) visit SMS

June 19th Grade 6/7 to waterslides

June 25th  Grade 8 Dessert and Dance – doors open at 6:15

June 26th Grade 6/7 at Canoe Beach,  Grade 8 at waterslides

June 27th  Last day assembly  – students dismissed at 10:29 (report cards available on Parent Connect)