Core classroom placement request deadline – Thursday, May 16th!

Student placement requests for September 2019, are due, via email, by May 16th in order to be considered. If parents or guardians have a specific request for their child(ren)’s class placement for September 2019, please submit an email to the school’s Principal, Wendy Woodhurst, at The email must clearly outline the request as well as provide specific educational reasons for the placement request.

The School-Based Team (SBT) will meet next week to discuss the class placement of each student. Tentative classes for September 2019 will be created in June, then finalized during the first week of September. The SBT consists of the outgoing and potential receiving classroom teachers, Learning Resource Teacher, Vice-principal and Principal. The SBT looks at the strengths and needs of the children and the team will make decisions based on the following:

High Priority Considerations
• Instructional groupings;
• Class composition, including special needs requirements;
• Social/cultural issues (independence, interactions, leadership);
• Behavioural/social concerns;
• Diversity in development (academic, social, emotional).

Middle Priority Considerations
• Groupings in previous years;
• Dominant grade grouping;
• Physical/social maturation;
• Learning style;
• Siblings and relations.

Lower Priority Considerations
• Friendships;
• Teacher-learner compatibility;
• Class size (room to accommodate new students)

When creating tentative classes, parent requests will be considered. However, we are unable to guarantee that requests can be fulfilled.  Thank you for your attention to the deadline.