Week of September 16-20





We have been asked to put a weekly update on our website about the many events happening for students at SMS.  Thanks for the feedback, and here is next week at a glance!

Please also see Mr. Smith’s blog under the Parent tab (Sports) for regular updates.

Morning Gym – Monday, Tuesday and Friday for all interested students.  The outside door to the gym is open at 7:00 am.

Volleyball – Wednesday and Thursday morning at 8:00 for the grade 8 team

Intramural Volleyball (grade 6-8) – begins Monday and runs everyday at lunch.  Students are welcome to watch.  If you missed the sign up and would like to enter a team, please see Mr. Smith.

Rugby Team – we need more players in all grades (boys and girls!).  Practices are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30-4:30 for grade 7 and 8s.  Grade 6s are just Monday.

Jazz band begins for grade 8 students who have signed up on Monday at 2:30.  If you did not sign up and would like to play, please see Ms. Beach.

Library lunch helpers – the first meeting has been held but please see Mme Reed if you missed it and are interested in learning more.

Terry Fox Run.  We had a fabulous run in the sunshine on September 12.  Donations will be accepted in the office (please see Cinnamon) until Thursday, September 19th.

Photo Day is Wednesday, September 18th.  Bring your best smile!

Friday, September 20th is a non-instructional day for students.  Our teachers will be working hard!