Week of September 23-27


Monday, September 23rd

  • Open Gym 7:00 am
  • Please join us in the library for our first PAC meeting of the year.  We have a fabulous PAC and are looking to add to our numbers as we have lost several parents to Jackson.  Hope to see you at 6:30!

Tuesday, September 24th

  • Open Gym 7:00 am

Wednesday, September 25th

  • Open Gym 7:00 am

Thursday, September 26th

  • Cultural Performance 9:00 am

Friday, September 27th

  • Open Gym 7:00 am

Upcoming:  Orange Shirt Day, September 30th.

Please see Mr. Smith’s blog on our website under “Parents & Students” then “Sports” for volleyball and rugby games and practices.  Lunch time activities are beginning as the weather cools off.  Stay tuned for details of the many ways our fantastic staff make SMS a great place for students.