November News

It is hard to believe the first two months of school have flown by!  It is busy, as usual, at SMS, with a great mix of learning and fun.  We are posting information on the website frequently, as well as an overview of the week ahead each Sunday.  Please encourage your child(ren) to get involved with the numerous activities our talented staff offers in the morning, at lunch and after school.  We only email with a link when there is a larger newsletter.  Please check frequently, and contact us anytime with questions, suggestions or concerns.  The idea of posting the week ahead came from a parent, and feedback has been very positive.

Successful Rugby Season


Our grade 7/8 rugby team finished their season with a record of 14 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses.  Their finale was winning the Kelowna Rugby Sevens league championship on October 28th.  Thanks to community coaches Geoff Powers and Brian Neumann, who along with Mr. Gecse, put in countless hours to help our talented athletes have such a fabulous season!  Mr. Gecse would also like to thank all of the parents who made the weekly drive to Kelowna.  It was a great team effort and the hard work paid off with an amazing first for SMS Rugby in a league championship!

Intramural Volleyball


The battles in the gym have been fierce!  The fans in the stands have particularly enjoyed watching the closely matched students versus teachers games.  These two foursomes provided outstanding entertainment and demonstrated excellent skill.  While the teachers were the victors, it could have gone either way!  Thanks to the many students who honed their skills at lunchtime, and the teacher refs for making the fun possible!

Runners off to the Provincial Championships

cross country2

Picture here are a few of the talented runners who qualified to race at the provincials on November 2nd.  Congratulations to Hazel Brooks, Ryan Walker, Kaiden Beck, Ian Van Bergeyk, Callum Orchard, Jonathon Jeager, Lucas Hansen, Nathan King, Evan Archer and Ben Milne who all had outstanding runs at the Valley Championships hosted at Larch Hills


Volleyball Season Winding Down (Summary below by Mr. Smith)

As our grade 8 volleyball season begins to wind down and both our girls’ and boys’ teams at Shuswap prepare for the play-offs, and our grade 6/7 girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams are part way through the games in the SD83 middle school, elementary league, I am proud to say that the volleyball being played at the grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8 levels here at SMS is some of the best volleyball I have seen in Salmon Arm since I began coaching the sport in 1994.

All three grade 8 teams at Shuswap have played some outstanding volleyball throughout the season in league play and all three teams are headed into the play-offs with great optimism. Shuswap is hosting their six team league championships this coming Monday, November 4th, with games beginning in the Rick Harris Memorial Gym at 12:00 noon. All three Shuswap teams will kick off the tournament with SMS #1 playing Revelstoke, while SMS #2 will go head to head with SMS #3. Once again, both matches begin at 12:00 sharp, with two games being played every hour on the hour. The last game in the round robin format tournament will begin at 7:00 PM with SMS #1 competing against AL Fortune.

The top two finishers of the North-North Okanagan League Finals will compete against the top two finishers of the Vernon league in the South, which will be hosted by North #1.

With one more league day next week, our Shuswap grade 8 boys’ volleyball team is also gearing up for their play-offs in the Vernon League. Our boys have had outstanding performances in league play throughout the season and have won the majority of their games and matches. The team is looking at doing exceptionally well in their play-offs which begin on November 12th (sites yet to be determined) and wrap up on November 18 with a league championship tournament (site yet to be determined).

On behalf of Shuswap’s Athletic Department, I would like to thank Mr. Adam Barraball and Mr. Andy Henderson for their commitment to coaching our three girls’ volleyball teams in both practices and at games along with me. The three of us also coached our boys’ team at our two practices each week. We would like to thank Mr. Eric Kok, Mrs. Andrea King, Mr. Jared King, and Mrs. Kyla Sherman for coaching our boys’ team at their league games. Although the boys have been coached by a number of different adults this season, they have responded exceptionally well and have presented the most important quality of any athlete, which is to be extremely coachable. Thank you boys for your flexibility, your work ethic, your commitment, and your effort.

Good luck to all of our grade 8 teams as they head into the play-offs.

Shuswap’s grade 6/7 volleyball is in full swing as both our girls’ and boys’ teams have hosted and will be hosting several teams from around our school district. As said earlier, the volleyball being played by our grade 6/7 athletes is some of the best volleyball that I have ever seen played at the grade 6/7 level. Our athletes have committed themselves to work on their skills and improve their level of play in the sport. Their abilities to perform and apply the skills they’ve learned at a competitive level during practices and games is becoming more noticeable each and every time they step out on the court. The rallies and execution of “three hits” is truly a pleasure to watch!

On behalf of Shuswap’s Athletic Department, I would like to thank the following coaches who work with me and for volunteering their time to coach our grade 6/7 volleyball teams at SMS: Mr. Lazar, Mrs. Brunwald, Mr. Henderson, Mme. Russel, Mme. Dalgaard, Mr. Lynka, Mrs. Johnson, and Alex Johnson.

Connecting with students at SMS (previously posted by Ms. Major)

no cell phoneGood communication, a respectful learning environment and student safety are priorities at Shuswap Middle School.  A few expectations exist that allow us to uphold these priorities.  Please ensure you are aware of the following:

  • Students are not to send or receive text messages and phone calls during our school day to anyone, including family members (this includes nutrition break and lunch).
  • Communicating with friends or family via cell phone during the day will result in a “warning”.  Students who use a cell phone without permission at school and have received over three warnings will be no longer allowed a phone at school. Parents are contacted at the time of the 3rd warning.
  • Students needing to contact home during the day may ask to use their classroom phone or, when available at nutrition break and lunch, the student phone by the office.
  • Messages for students will be passed along from the office at lunch and after school; if you have an emergency and need to speak with your child during learning time, the administration will interrupt class and have the student speak with you on the phone or in person.
  • If students are leaving SMS during the school day, an adult is required to sign them out on the green sheet at Cinnamon’s counter.  Students are not allowed to be picked up and taken from outside the school without special permission.

Thank you for helping us respect the excellent learning environment we have at SMS by using the office if you need to contact your child(ren) rather than texting them during the school day, and being sure to sign them out at the office if you pick them up during the school day.

Interim Reports

report cardEach teacher determines how to best share student progress prior to our official report cards which will be available on Parent Connect on December 6th.  Some of you may have participated in student led conferences, others will have received a written report.  If you did not hear from your child’s teacher in the past two weeks, please contact him or her.


Remembrance Day

We are looking forward to hearing from Veteran Harry Walton at our assembly on remembrance dayNovember 8th.  Due to his busy schedule, we will hold our assembly in period 6.  Students will be called to the gym at 1:39.  Our grade 8 band will be playing, and Ms. Major is working with students on additional presentations.  Parents are welcome to join us.


Our talented staff offers numerous ways for students to become involved in school outside of the classroom.  Please check the website Sundays for updates on clubs and activities such as chess, art, pintrest, dungeons and dragons, magic card, French clubs, to name just a few.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing with expensive, nice clothes.  Please see the photos below which show only some of what has been turned in.  Please ask your child(ren) to check the lost and found prior to the Remembrance Day long weekend as we will be taking remaining items to the thrift store. A big thank you to Kaidyn, Evey and Avery for sorting it all and getting it “photo ready”!


Halloween Fun

A huge thank you to our leadership students who organized a fantastic limbo contest, student and teacher dance contest, pumpkin carving contest and great music in the gym.  Congratulations to Mme Dalgaard who amazed us all with her dance talents!  Lots of fabulous costumes and lots of fun!

Wizard of Oz

Shuswap Theatre is thrilled to announce a “Relaxed Performance of The Wizard of Oz” on Sunday, December 1st at 1:30 om.  This performance will be modified in order to welcome those who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory sensitivities, dementia, or parents with very young children (3 and under).

A relaxed performance is a growing trend among theatres, and the aim is to create an inclusive theatrical experience. In a relaxed performance, certain elements of the production, including expectations around audience behaviours, are “relaxed” so that those who might not be able to attend a typical evening of theatre can feel welcome.

For example, the theatre is opened up a little earlier so patrons have extra time to enter and become acquainted with the building. The house lights stay on, yet dimmed, so the auditorium is never in the dark. Loud noises are minimized or eliminated. Patrons can move about or speak as they need to. A video feed is set up in the lobby so that those who may feel overwhelmed in the auditorium can leave, and watch the rest of the performance on the screen. A quiet area is set up for those may wish to take a break. We will have partners from Community Living BC on hand to provide support to individuals who request it. In addition, we will offer a tour of the theatre the week before the performance so individuals and their families can become familiar with the auditorium, washrooms, lobby, stage, and backstage ahead of their theatre experience.

The actors, creative, and production team at Shuswap Theatre are very excited to offer this relaxed performance to the community – our first ever. We anticipate that the Wizard of Oz will sell out and we encourage those who wish to buy a ticket for the relaxed performance to do so as soon as possible. We are working had to reduce barriers for this performance and have priced tickets for the relaxed performance accordingly. Tickets go on sale October 7th at or can be bought in person at Intwined Fibre Arts at 161 Hudson Street. More information about the relaxed performance can be found on the theatre website.