Xqwiyélltśem – SMS’s new soup hut is open!

Chicken Noodle Soup served at the soup hut today

We are excited to announce the opening of our new soup hut at SMS! This program will provide many benefits to our school and community. Delicious, healthy soup and bannock will nourish hungry students at our school. In addition, Xqwiyélltśem (which means enjoy every morsel of a meal) provides leadership opportunities and hands-on cooking life skills to students at SMS. Our soup hut also reflects our appreciation for the environment and we use reusable bowls and spoons for students to eat from and a wash tub station for them to wash their own dishes. With support from local businesses, we are hopeful to use locally sourced ingredients when possible.

At present, we will offer a different soup each week and currently we are rotating through the following options: Chicken noodle soup, Chilli, Beef stew and “Stone soup”. The suggested price for soup is $2 and we are hopeful that those who can pay will do so. Delicious bannock costs $1 per piece. We are hopeful that this program is sustainable as Xqwiyélltśem was created with the Indigenous value of reciprocity.

A big thank you to Theresa Johnson and Serena Caner for making the dream of Xqwiyélltśem a reality!