Support for Larch Hills lighting

Dear Parents & Students,

A passionate group of volunteers have worked hard to rally our community in a bid to win the 2019 Kraft Heinz Project Play.  These efforts have been rewarded and the Larch Hills Nordic Society Trail Lighting Project was recently named on TSN as one of four National Finalists for a chance to win $250,000 towards the project.
Voting takes place between 9:00am on Friday, October 18 and 9:00pm on Sunday, October 20.

We hope you might consider following the link below to vote in support of the Larch Hills nomination bid.  You can vote as many times as you would like!

FSAs for grade 7 students

Dear families of grade 7 students,

There has been some confusion around the letter sent home by the BC Teachers’ Federation regarding the Foundation Skills Assessments (FSAs) that are written each year by our grade 7s.  In SD83, we use this information generated by the FSAs to allocate additional resources to literacy and numeracy program to address specific areas of concern revealed by this assessment. 

Though recently distributed letters from the BC Teachers’ Federation were sent home asking parents to excuse their children from writing the FSA exam, we understand that Ministry of Education guidelines allow for the exclusion of students under the following conditions:

  • Family emergency
  • Lengthy illness
  • Other extenuating circumstances

Mrs. Woodhurst, Mr. Matheson and Ms. Major have contacted all families who have submitted forms to date, and in our conversations with these families, the majority of parents felt they were signing a school-generated letter.  Of the 45 letters signed by parents, only six students are exempted for extenuating circumstances, lengthy illness or family emergency at this time.  All other parents agreed that their students would write this mandatory provincial assessment.

At SMS, our teachers will be beginning to administer the FSA exams on Thursday, Oct. 10th (the process of completing the full exam is spaced out at the teacher’s discretion over a number of days).  We are unable to accept letters beyond Thursday at 8:00am and we would be happy to discuss your concerns or questions prior to this deadline.  Please feel free to give us a call at the office.

Parent Presentation: “Understanding the Teenage Brain”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support and meet the needs of your growing and changing adolescent, please consider attending the Monday, October 29th parent presentation “Understanding the Teenage Brain” – 7:00 – 8:30pm at the DESC (341 Shuswap St. SW, Salmon Arm). This presentation promises to be “high energy, fun, surprising and full of hope and optimism for the future of all teenagers”.

Presenter, Gary Anaka is a pioneer in Brain Health and Wellness and he has presented over 1100 keynotes and workshops to people around the world. Please see the link below for more information.

Blindside Assembly Today

Today we were fortunate to have a cultural assembly with guest speaker, Stephanie Morin-Robert. Stephanie is an interdisciplinary artist who lost her eye at an early age due to cancer. The students were highly engaged by her frank and authentic storytelling which emphasized the importance of empathy, vulnerability and trust. Stephanie reminded us that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

We hope you take a moment to ask your child about today’s performance. If you would like more information, please see the link provided.

ART STARTS STUDY GUIDE (Sept 11th, 2019) – Stephanie Morin-Robert – BLINDSIDE

Breakfast and Lunch Information

Hello SMS families,

Our breakfast and lunch programs are up and running each day. Of note, we are serving double the number of students breakfast each day as compared to last year. If your child is participating in our open gym time or before school sports/activities, please send along extra food items for them to start their day.

Donations of food items to supplement our food programs are always welcome! Please send items along to the office.

And finally, growing kids need plenty of food. We have a number of students coming to the office saying they have eaten all their lunch and are still hungry. Please talk with your child(ren) to find out how they are doing with their nutrition at school. We want everyone to be ready to participate fully and achieve their best each day.