Thank you and Gone Fishing!

A big thank you to our Salmon Arm community for so many donations of plants.  Thanks to the hard work of our students and CEAs, our courtyards look fabulous!

A number of our students joined James Murray at the wharf to fish last week!  As you can see from the sunshine and smiling faces, it was a fabulous way to kick off the summer.  Today was the last day of classes for students.  It has been wonderful to have laughter and learning back in the building during the month of June.  Our office is closed tomorrow (June 25th) at 1:00 for a staff luncheon.  We will be open regular hours on Friday (8:00-2:30).

Report Cards

Reports are available on Parent Connect on Thursday, June 25th.  Please note that, as mandated by the Ministry of Education, your child’s Report Card Term 3 marks will be the letter grades and work habits that were given in term 2; unless teachers increased the mark due to work done at home in term 3.  Thank you to parents for your support of the home learning opportunities our teachers worked hard to provide.

grade 8

Final Farewell

SMS is a difficult place to leave.  We especially missed the opportunity to say farewell to our grade 8s who were an outstanding group of leaders this year.  I would like to personally say thank you to our tremendous students, staff and families  for the last four years.  It was a privilege to be the principal of this energetic and supportive learning community.  It has been a highlight of my career to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented and caring staff who truly appreciate the work of educating our terrific students.  I hope that everyone is back in the building together in September and wish you all well as I head to Indonesia to be the principal at Surabaya International School.  As Dr. Bonnie Henry says, “Be kind, be calm, be safe.”

Wendy Woodhurst


Library Books – Easy drop off!

We are still missing over 200 library books.  Mme Reed has emailed individual families.  To help get them  back, Mme Reed will be in the bus lane on Thursday, June 25th from 4:30-5:30 pm.  Please drive through and drop off any books you have at home.  Thanks!

Back in Action at SMS!

kira's class

Our staff has said over and over again how wonderful it is to have some of our students back in the building.  The laughter and chatter as kids reconnected with teachers and friends was a treasure.

Pictured above is Mrs. Limber’s class conquering the summit of Little Mountain.  Classes continued their home learning, experimented with drones, did some art work, enjoyed a read-a-loud in our beautiful library, appreciated the home baking courtesy of Ms. McPherson and our CEAs, had a workout in the gym and shared their musical talents.  The first two days have been very safe and smooth.  We appreciate our students taking the safety protocols seriously.

Just a reminder to parents that our space is limited to 20% of students each day. We anticipate more students will attend next week once they know how well this week is going.  Our morning safety protocols include only allowing the students whose names we have on our lists to enter.  If your child attended this week, we will assume next week will be the same.  If your child attended this week, but will not attend next week, please call the school at 250 832-6031 or email to let us know.  

If your child did not attend this week, but would like to join us next week, please either phone or email to ensure they are added to the list.  

Whether you are choosing to return, continuing with home learning full time, or involved with other family activities, please know we are thinking about you and respect your family decision.  As always, please feel free to contact the office staff if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

June 1st Update – IMPORTANT INFO


SMS Staff Says Hello! 

We are working hard to ensure provincial and district safety protocols are in place to welcome some of our students back next week.  We understand this is a family decision, and respect your choice during this unusual time.  We have over 50% of students returning for our one day a week of in-class learning which is designed to support the home learning opportunities offered to all students.

This post has very important details regarding the rules and guidelines in place as our students return.  But first……….say hello to our fabulous staff by single clicking the link above where it says SMS Staff Says Hello!  Whether you are returning or not, please know how much we have been thinking about you and have missed you!  Thanks to our staff, students and parents for their hard work to have learning continue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the restrictions we have in place will seem unusual for students, and strict, we have confidence that once they get into their CORE classroom with their teachers, it will be a positive experience.  Our number one goal is safety.

Scheduled Days

It is VERY important that students are on the school grounds only on the day their CORE teacher is providing in-class support for the home learning opportunities, unless other arrangements have been confirmed with Mr. Matheson or their LRT (Tier 1 workers and some students with an IEP).  Students who have not registered to attend may not be on the school property.  We have worked hard to meet out 20% capacity per day rate.  Students are not to come during the day or at lunch to visit friends.  We know how much our students have missed friends (we have, too).  We will be very strict about this.



Students are to bring their home learning supplies and lunch in one backpack which they will keep with them in their classroom.  They must also bring their own water bottle as the fountains will be closed.   The water refill station will be in operation.  Please ensure students have writing materials and a notebook. Lockers will not be used.  Schedules have been developed to facilitate safety and spacing throughout the school. Specific requests for days or friendship groups could not be met.  Our schedule is as follows:


Mondays:  Hiebert/Brunwald, Olson, Tait/Chalabi,  Craig, Lynka, Rodwell, Maddigan,

Half of Lafortune/Dalgaard (please see Mme Lafortune’s email to families as our late French Immersion grade 7 CORES are divided into two days),

Tuesdays Kenny, Bushell, MacThio, Limber, Gauthier, Vezina, Lazar

Wednesdays:  The school is closed to in-class learning for extra cleaning

Thursdays:  Penner, DeWitt, Whitehead

Half of Hobart/Russell/Weir  (please see Mme Weir’s email to families as our Grade 8 French Immersion classes are divided into two days)

Half of Lafortune/Dalgaard (please see Mme Lafortune’s email to families as our late French Immersion grade 7 CORES are divided into two days)

Fridays: Lawson, Verney, Kallies, Cecco

Half of Hobart/Russell/Weir  (please see Mme Weir’s email to families as our Grade 8 French Immersion classes are divided into two days)

Chromebooks, Textbooks and Library Books

If you are returning to school next week, please bring textbooks and library books back with you.  On May 28, Mme Reed will send email notices to parents of all students with books outstanding.  We’ll have a collection bin for library materials ready for your return.

We lent out over 100 chromebooks to help with home learning.  If you have a chromebook at home that you no longer need, please bring it with you to the school on your scheduled day.  If you are not returning to school in June, please email Ms. Mueller to arrange a safe time to drop it off.  Due date for all chromebook returns is June 19th. 

pd poster



Controlled Space

Because we are a controlled space, we are able to have more than 50 people in our building.  To maintain recommended numbers, all outside doors will be locked during the day.  The safety protocols put in place by SD 83 follow provincial recommendations.


Safety Protocols

All protocols follow provincial and district guidelines.  Below is a summary to review prior to sending your student to school.

  • Students will not be allowed to enter the building except on designated days and only if parents stated “Yes” to returning June 1 on the district survey or spoke to an SMS staff member to make arrangements.  This is to ensure we do not go over the provincial recommendation of 20% in our building each day.  
  • If you did not make arrangements for your student to attend as above, you are welcome to do so for the week beginning June 8th by contacting the office staff directly.  If your family said “yes” to returning but will not be in attendance on any of the scheduled days, we ask that you contact the office.
  • If you require bus transportation and did not indicate so on the district survey, please contact the transportation department at 832-9415.

Prior to sending your student to school:

Child Health Screening – Parents/caregivers are required to keep symptomatic children home. Children showing symptoms of COVID-19 or with a temperature greater than 38°C must not be allowed at school.  Parents are asked to complete the following health check with their child at home prior to leaving for school.  Please do NOT send your child if the answer is yes to anything.  Staff will go through the same questions once again upon arrival.

*This health check must be completed each morning before your child leaves for school. 
Date: Name:
Time: Division/Teacher:
Do you have a fever? Yes                             No


Do you have a cough? Yes                             No


Do you have congestion? Yes                             No


Do you have nasal drip? Yes                             No


Are you sneezing? Yes                             No


Is anyone in your household ill? Yes                             No



Arrival Procedure:

Students will be asked not to walk to, or be dropped off, at the school site before 8:15am.  At 8:15, staff will begin the health check and attendance process at each of the four designated entrances.  By 8:25 all students should be checked in and the doors will be locked.  Late arrivals are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.  Students who wish to gain access to the building after the day begins will wait outside the front entrance for a health check from a school team member. Your cooperation with getting students to school on time is greatly appreciated.

Physical distancing of 2 meters must be maintained at arrival and dismissal. Parents and guardians will not be permitted inside the building without a scheduled appointment.

Students are to physically distance at their designated entrance when they arrive at school.  Designated entrances are as follows:


Main Entrance Dalgaard

Lafortune Rodwell








Side Entrance Near Music Olson








Rear Entrance Near Portables Tait/Chalabi







Rear Entrance Near MacThio/ Bushell Lynka





Penner Lawson


Isolation Room for students who become symptomatic during school hours:

Students who are awaiting authorization to walk home or pick up due to exhibiting symptoms will wait in the designated “isolation” room.  A nearby washroom will be designated for students awaiting pick up.

Student Behaviorclassroom

  • In addition to the expectations we already have at school, students will also be expected to adhere to the new safety guidelines in place. Students that cannot follow the rules we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety will not be allowed to participate in in-class instruction.
  • Students will have an expectations review by teacher/administration and a firm reminder that joking, horseplay, teasing and any purposeful attempt to spread germs will be handled with seriousness and consequences.


Masks are a personal choice.  Students and staff may wear them if they choose,.

Dismissal Procedure

Students will be dismissed in the following order:

2:20 – students walking home will be asked to leave the building at 2:20 and to leave the property immediately

2:25 – students getting picked up by parents will be asked to leave the building at 2:25 and to leave the property immediately

2:29 – students who are taking the bus will be asked to leave the building at which point they will begin lining up according to social distancing and administration/supervisor instructions.

take care


If you would like extensive details about the safety protocols, please visit the SD 83 website.

We look forward to seeing some of our fabulous students next week.  As always, feel free to contact the office if you have questions, suggestions or concerns.


Details Tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

We are busy finalizing numbers and making a schedule for each CORE class to attend one day a week beginning June 1.  Thank you to those parents who completed the survey and returned our phone calls to confirm attendance.  Attendance one day per week in June is optional, and we appreciate the ability for families to make the choice that works best for them.  Home Learning Opportunities will continue to be provided weekly.  If students are attending one day a week, they will continue to work on those activities with in-class support.

As per provincial guidelines for grade 6-8, will have less than 20% of students at SMS each day; we are working to ensure all safety protocols are in place for Monday.  Please check your email and the website on Wednesday, May 27th for details regarding your student’s schedule.  We appreciate your support and patience as we prepare.  If you did not indicate that your child will be attending, and you wish to do so, please contact us to make arrangements.  Please do not send your child to school if you did not indicate you would be doing so on the survey or by telephone.  We need your help in keeping everyone safe.

Please see the information below for a glimpse of what the upcoming weeks will look like.  We will email you the link to the website for detailed information tomorrow.

We are looking forward to having students in our building once again.  Take care.