Cite Your Source!

Give credit where credit’s due!

Citing Sources: Why & How to Do It (Oregon Association of School Libraries; video)

Plagiarism (Brain POP; video)

Paraphrasing (Brain POP; video)

Avoiding Plagiarism (GCF LearnFree; video)

Mrs. Wright’s Need to Cite! PowToon (tells us why we need to give credit and gives basic how-tos)

Digital Citizenship Plagiarism and Citation Basics (YouTube; Lisa Gilbert)

Plagiarism Video for Schools (Richards Digital Media)

Remember to cite your source in a References or Works Cited page when you use information gathered from other writers. 

Here are some websites that can help you write them properly.

Citation Builder (World Book Encyclopedia)

Cite This For Me (MLA citation builder; we suggest that students add this Chrome extension under their SD83 login when using Chromebooks. Ask your teacher-librarians for details.)