Staff Contact Information

Office Staff:

Name Position Ext Email
Wendy Woodhurst Principal 140
Chris Matheson Vice-Principal 341
Sandra Major Vice-Principal 141
Kyla LaFleur Admin Secretary/Accounting 142
Cinnamon Neumeyer Student Records/Reception 200


Name Position Ext Email
Sandy Little Counsellor 111
Christel Mueller Counsellor/LRT 112

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Name Position Div/Ext Email
Guylaine Angers Red Team 215
Gwen Beach Explorations Music 115
Sandra Brandsma Explorations Art 110
Danielle Brunwald Orange Team 136
Tanya Bushell Orange Team 129
Milana Cecco Purple Team 139
Claudia Chalabi Green Team FI 126
Colleen Craig Purple Team 123
Melissa Dalgaard Green Team 219
Bev Dewitt Purple Team 120
Ben Gagnon ISP Program 117
Derek Gecse Explorations Hockey 223
Brian Gerbrandt Explorations Woodshop 119
Sarah Hiebert Orange Team 125
Gilbert Hobart Yellow Team FI 124
Monica Hoffort Learning Resource 314
Holly Kallies Blue Team 211
Ryan Kenny Orange Team 125
Kylee Kok Learning Resource 114
Laura Lafortune Green Team 214
Amiee Lawson Orange Team 131
Sam Lazar Red Team 218
Kira Limber Blue Team 212
Bob Lynka Purple Team 137
Morgen MacDonald Blue Team 130
Wyona Maddigan Green Team 127
Laureen Mayer Learning Resource 335
Tammy McPherson Explorations Home Ec 116
Quinn Olson Orange Team 199
Karen Packalen Explorations Art 110
Marlee Penner Orange Team 133
Megan Reed Librarian 113
Steve Rodwell Blue Team 216
Jaime Russell Yellow Team 128
Aaron Smith Orange Team 135
Amanda Tait Green Team 126
Shannon Thio Blue Team 130
Chelsea Verney Purple Team 138
Jaimie Vezina Red Team 217
Megan Weir Yellow Team 122
Sue Whithead Purple Team 121
Teresa Wright Librarian – Technology 113

Support Staff:

Name Position Div/Ext Email
Suzi Basque CEA
Krista Burden CEA
Janice Derkach CEA
Lora Eckland CEA/Breakfast Program
Chelie Elsom CEA/Lunch Hour Supervisor
Theresa Johnson Indigenous Support Worker 145
Heidi Gowen CEA
Bridgid Hall CEA
JongAe Han Library Clerk
Wella Hanna CEA/Crossing Guard
Angela Kahan CEA/Lunch Hour Supervisor
Gillian Lawrence CEA/Lunch Hour Supervisor
Quintin Lindgren Daytime Custodial
Nigel Mohle Custodial
Kari Mostat CEA/Lunch Prog/Crossing Guard
Natalie Parent CEA
Camilla Serhan CEA
Michelle Stockbruegger CEA/Lunch Hour Supervisor
Carlene Wielinga CEA
Robbie Williams Custodial