Research Skills & Using Online Resources

Research Skills

Research Skills (State Library of Victoria, Australia; links covering all aspects of doing research)

Fake News or Fact?

FakeOut (interactive lessons for grade 6/7 Library classes)

Break the Fake Workshop (MediaSmarts; interactive)

Faux que ça cesse atelier (MediaSmarts; interactif)

Fact-Checking Search Engine (MediaSmarts)

Science Search Engine (MediaSmarts)

Break the Fake (MediaSmarts,Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy) – videos and activities

L’hippo des familles 2.0 (Habilo Mé – vidéo

Fake or Fact: Can You Tell the Difference Online? (CBC; with quiz)

Looking for information? Here are some tips to help you find the good stuff online.

First, you’ll have to think about what you want to know – and what keywords to put in your search engine.

Do a better search:

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies (Sarah Clark, University of Manitoba Libraries)

How to Get Better Search Results: Be a Google Pro (Socractica)

Tips for Online Research (Neltner)

Essential Google Search Tricks for Research (Common Sense Education)

Then, you’ll have to decide whether the sites you’ve found have good information.

Evaluate websites to get good information:

Investigate the Source with Jane Lytvynenko (Ctrl-F; Civix) video

Skill: Just Add Wikipedia with Mike Caulfield (Ctrl-F; Civix) video

Skill: Check Other Sources (Ctrl-F; Civix) video

Wikipedia:FAQ/Schools (Wikipedia) – should we use Wikipedia when doing research?

Evaluating Websites – don’t fall into the TRAAP (OSLIS)

Evaluating Websites – Secondary (OSLIS)

Evaluating Websites: Using the Internet for Research (Amanda Miller)

The Five W’s of Website Evaluation (Kathy Schrock) – a checklist of  great questions to ask yourself when considering a source of information.

Evaluating Websites With the 5 W’s (by Ellen Goldfinch)

Evaluating Websites (by Gulf Coast State College Library)

If you use these tips, you should be able to avoid fake news!

Fact or Opinion?

Fact and Opinion (Brain POP UK; video)

Fact or Opinion (Ctrl-F; video)

Fait ou Opinion? (Civix-Québec; vidéo)

Quelle est la différence entre un fait et une opinion? (Mon Quotidien; vidéo)