Grade 8


Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

Evaluating Websites – TRAAP (Oregon School Library Information System)

Fawn and bobcat cub

Were This Fawn and Bobcat Cub Found Huddled Together After a California Wildfire?  (

Reality Check – News You Can Use video (MediaSmarts)

News You Can Use Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Live Clam Licks Salt On a Table

Reality Check – Getting the Goods on Science and Health video (MediaSmarts)

Getting the Goods on Science and Health Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Reality Check – Authentication 101 video (MediaSmarts)

Authentication 101 Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Social Studies:

World Religions

SD83 World of Information Choose World Book Student. Enter the name of the religion in the Search Bar.

URI Kids: World Religions (United Religions Initiative)

BBC Religions portal (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Religion Facts





Physical & Health Education:


Language Arts:


Career Education:


Arts Education:


Core French: