Grade 8


Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

Media Smarts games login (A Day in the Life of the Jos & Passport to the Internet)

Samuel de Champlain (All About Explorers)

Champlain, Samuel de (World Book Online)

Evaluating Websites – TRAAP (Oregon School Library Information System)

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies (S. Clark)

Fawn and bobcat cub

Were This Fawn and Bobcat Cub Found Huddled Together After a California Wildfire?  (

Reality Check – News You Can Use video (MediaSmarts)

News You Can Use Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Live Clam Licks Salt On a Table

Reality Check – Getting the Goods on Science and Health video (MediaSmarts)

Getting the Goods on Science and Health Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Reality Check – Authentication 101 video (MediaSmarts)

Authentication 101 Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Social Studies:

World Religions

SD83 World of Information Look for user name & password in your agenda book if accessing from home. Choose World Book Student. Enter the name of the religion in the Search Bar.

URI Kids: World Religions (United Religions Initiative)

BBC Religions portal (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Religion Facts

Middle Ages

Middle Ages (Annenberg Learner)


Renaissance (Annenberg Learner)



Amazing Cells (Learn.Genetics, University of Utah)

Plate Tectonics

Dynamic Earth (Annenberg Learner)

Volcanoes (Annenberg Learner)



Physical & Health Education:


Language Arts:


Career Education:


Arts Education:


Core French: