Grade 8

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

Teen Voices: Oversharing and Your Digital Footprint (Common Sense Media; video)

Digital Compass interactive game (Common Sense Media)

What kinds of things affect a reputation? (padlet)

Oversharing: Think Before You Post (Common Sense Media)

Manage Your Online Reputation (Google for Education)

Building Your Brand : Building a Positive Presence Online (Media Smarts)

Media Smarts games login (A Day in the Life of the Jos & Passport to the Internet)

Samuel de Champlain (All About Explorers)

Champlain, Samuel de (World Book Online)

Evaluating Websites – TRAAP (Oregon School Library Information System)

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies (S. Clark)

Fawn and bobcat cub

Were This Fawn and Bobcat Cub Found Huddled Together After a California Wildfire?  (

Reality Check – News You Can Use video (MediaSmarts)

News You Can Use Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Live Clam Licks Salt On a Table

Reality Check – Getting the Goods on Science and Health video (MediaSmarts)

Getting the Goods on Science and Health Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Reality Check – Authentication 101 video (MediaSmarts)

Authentication 101 Tip Sheet (MediaSmarts)

Social Studies:

Indigenous Leaders in Canada

30 Indigenous Leaders (The Canadian Encyclopedia; article with research links)

Indigenous trail-blazers (Government of Canada)

Browse “Indigenous Leaders” (Canadian Encyclopedia)

Secwepemc Culture & Governance

Secwepemc Strong (website)

The Secwepemc People: Shuswap First Nation, B.C., Canada – History, Culture & Spirituality (Jaguar Bird; video)

The Secwepemc (or Shuswap) People and Their Culture (Quaaout Lodge; website)

World Religions

SD83 World of Information Look for user name & password in your agenda book if accessing from home. Choose World Book Student. Enter the name of the religion in the Search Bar.

URI Kids: World Religions (United Religions Initiative)

BBC Religions portal (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Religion Facts


Vikings (check menu for articles; Bitesize; BBC)

Middle Ages

Middle Ages (article; World Book Student; click on Related Information tab for many more articles)

The Middle Ages for Kids and Teachers (Mr. Donn; many links to topics from this page)

Middle Ages (Annenberg Learner)

Middle Ages (check menu for articles; Bitesize; BBC)

Middle Ages (; check menu for related articles)

Europe: The First Crusade – The People’s Crusade, Part 1 (video; Extra Credit)


Renaissance (Annenberg Learner)

The Renaissance (podcast; from Civilisation, BBC World Service)

The Renaissance Facts for Kids (article; History for


The Colonial Experience (podcast; from Civilisation, BBC World Service)



“Cell” (World Book Student Encyclopedia; article; click on Related for many articles on related subjects)

Amazing Cells (Learn.Genetics, University of Utah)

All About Cells and Cell Structure: Parts of the Cell for Kids (FreeSchool; video)

Introduction to Cells: The Grand Cell Tour (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells (Amoeba Sisters; video)

What is ATP? (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process That Uses Division to Multiply! (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Cell Transport (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Meiosis (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Photosynthesis and the Teeny Tiny Pigment Pancakes (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Pandemics & Epidemics

“Epidemic” (World Book Student Encyclopedia article; check also Related links)

“Pandemic” (World Book Student Encyclopedia article; check also Related links)

Viruses (Updated) (Amoeba Sisters; video)

What is a Coronavirus? (Elizabeth Cox on TED-Ed; video)

How Does Your Immune System Work? (Emma Bryce on TED-Ed; video)

Immune System (Amoeba Sisters; video)

Antibiotics, Antivirals and Vaccines (Amoeba Sisters; video)


Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics (Brain Pop; video)

Plate Tectonics Explained (MinuteEarth; video)

English Language Arts:


Basic Argument Construction (Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate)