Grades 6 & 7





Chemistry: Elements & Compounds:

Element, Chemical (World Book Student; article; see Related Links for individual elements)

Periodic table (World Book Student; article)

Compounds! (articles; video; Science Trek; Idaho Public Television; check the tabs for facts, games, links)

Periodic Table of the Elements (interactive; PBS)

Element vs Compound (video; MooMoo Math and Science)

What are Atoms? The smallest parts of Elements and YOU! (video; Tidlybit – about Science and other stuff!)

Kids science: Elements (article;; scroll towards bottom of page for links to individual elements; try to ignore the ads)

Elements in alphabetical order (links to information about each element; Radiochemistry Society)

Chemistry: Chemical Changes:

The Chemistry of Burgers (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; myoglobin; effects of heat; browning)

The Chemistry of Cheese (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; chemical and physical change)

The Chemistry of Bread (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; fermentation; effects of heat on gas)

The Chemistry of Pickles (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; fermentation; pH) 

The Chemistry of Tomatoes (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; ethylene gas; ripening)

The Chemistry of Condiments (NBC; Cheeseburger Chemistry series; video; mixtures: suspensions & emulsions)

Climate Change:

Global Warming (World Book Student; article; see also Related articles)

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye (National Geographic; video)

Climate Change (according to a kid) (Rappler; video)

Climate Science in a Nutshell #1: A Sick Planet (Planet Nutshell; video). This is #1 in a series. Go to their channel to see a list of all their Climate Science Basics videos.

Climate Change Crash Course for Kids (Crash Course Kids; video)

What is the Greenhouse Effect? (NASA Space Place; video)

Climate Science: What You Need to Know (It’s Okay to be Smart; PBS; video)

His Epic Message Will Make You Want to Change the World (National Geographic; video)

Air Pollution 101 (National Geographic; video)

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of our Ocean (National Geographic; video)

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis (Guardian News; video)

School strike for climate – Save the world by changing the rules (Greta Thunberg; TEDxStockholm; video)

Sustainable Development:

Sustainability (World Book Student; article; see also Related articles)

What is the Most Sustainable City in the World? (video;  Going Green)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (webpage; short video overview on home page; United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs)

A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals (video; United Nations Foundation)

Japan’s Town With No Waste (video; Great Big Story)

Evolution/Natural Selection/Biodiversity:

“Evolution” (World Book Student Encyclopedia; article)

“Natural Selection” (World Book Student Encyclopedia; article)

What is Natural Selection? (Stated Clearly; video)

Natural Selection (Brain POP UK; video)

Darwin’s Theories (Elesapiens; video)

The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation (hhmi BioInteractive; video)

The Youth Guide to Biodiversity (PDF; Youth & United Nations Global Alliance)

The Youth Guide to the Ocean (PDF; Youth & United Nations Global Alliance)

The Youth Guide to Forests (PDF; Youth & United Nations Global Alliance)

Space Science/Our Universe:

NASA Space Place (NASA) Explore Earth and Space; interactive

Hubblesite (Space Telescope Science Institute) Hubble Space Telescope

For Students: NASA Websites from A to Z (NASA)

Canadian Space Agency (Government of Canada)

Solar System Scope (online model; no need to download app to run online version; this is a very commercial site but the model is great) ; interactive

Indigenous Knowledge about Space (Wilfred Buck; Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre):  

The Story of Grandmother Spider and Star Woman (SciFri; podcast)

Makinak: The Turtle (; video)

Achakapis: Little Spirit (; video)

Sisikwun: The Rattle (; video)

The Story of the Northern Lights (Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre; video)

Orienteering with the Sky (Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre; video)

Atchakosuk (MFNERC; pdf slide show)

Newton’s Laws of Motion:

Sir Isaac Newton (World Book Student; article)

Motion (World Book Student; article; see section on Newton’s Laws of Motion)

Newton’s 3 Laws, with a Bicycle (video by Joshua Manley on TED-Ed)

Newton’s Laws of Motion (Brain POP; video)

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion for Kids: Three Physical Laws of Mechanics for Children (Free School; video)

Human Body Systems:

DK – Your amazing body (interactive graphics that cover all parts of the body)

Operation Ouch – Digestion | Biology for Kids – Video

National Geographic – Heart 101 (2:41 min video)

TED-Ed – How the heart actually pumps blood (4.27 min video)

Operation Ouch – Pumping Hearts | Cardiovascular System (37 minutes video)

Operation Ouch – Blood Vessels | Science for Kids Video

Operation Ouch – breaks and sprains

Operation Ouch – Ears – video

Operation Ouch- Confuse Your Taste Buds Trick!

Operation Ouch – How Do We See?

Operation Ouch – Breathing

Operation Ouch – Tongue

National Geographic for kids – Human body (quizes and weird but true)


Adams River Salmon Society, “Salute to the Sockeye”

Millions of Salmon Return Home, National Geographic video. Fraser River sockeye run, filmed in the Shuswap at Tsutswecw Provincial Park on the Adams River

Lifecycle of the Adams River Sockeye poster, Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Social Studies:


World Book Timelines (interactive; huge variety of timelines for world regions and innovations)

Prehistoric Times:

Prehistoric (check menu for articles; Bitesize; BBC)

Mythology/Gods and Goddesses:

World Book Student Related Links (see names of Greek, Roman, Egyptian gods & goddesses, with links to articles) (see tabs for your culture, then links for gods and goddesses)

Encyclopedia Mythica (use search bar to enter the god’s name)

Ancient Gods, Goddesses and Magical Beings for Kids (Mr. Donn) – look for the link to the culture you are studying

The Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Greece! (National Geographic Kids)

Greek Mythology at a Glance (Britannica Kids)

List of Roman gods and goddesses facts for kids (Kiddle) – look for the link to the god/goddess you are studying

Ancient Civilizations:

Key Components of Civilization (article; National Geographic Resource Library)

Ancient Civilization (article; World Book Student; check Related Information for MUCH more)

Ancient Trade:

How Ancient Trade Changed the World (article; Heather Whipps; Live Science)

History of Trade (article & timeline; Marissa Henkel; Sutori)

The Silk Road: Connecting the ancient world through trade (Shannon Harris Castelo; TED-Ed)

Ancient Rome and Trade (article; History Learning Site)

Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greece (World Book Student article; see also Related Links)

Myths About the Ancient Greek Gods for Kids (Mr. Donn)

Ancient Greece for Kids (Mr. Donn)

Ancient Greek History for Kids (article; History for Kids)

History 101: Ancient Greece (video & article; National Geographic)

Ancient Egypt:

Ancient Egypt (World Book Student; see also Related articles)

The Ancient Egypt – 5 things you should know (History for Kids; video)

Ancient Egypt for Kids (Mr. Donn’s website)

Discovering Ancient Egypt (Mark Millmore; website)

How do you mummify a body? (article & video) Smithsonian Tween Tribune; use your World Book username & password)

Ancient Rome:

Ancient Rome (World Book Student; see also Related articles)

Ancient Rome for Kids (Mr. Donn’s website)

Ancient Rome (podcast; from Civilisation, BBC World Service)

Ancient Rome & the Romans: Facts & Information for Kids (article; History for Kids)

Ancient China

China (article; World Book Student; check Related Information for links to other articles)

Ancient China for Kids and Teachers (Mr. Donn; lots of related links so read carefully!)

Ancient China Part One (video; EdYouToo; Bronze Age to Qin Dynasty; includes geography and early civilization)

Ancient China Part Two (video; EdYouToo; from Han Dynasty to Tang Dynasty)

Ancient China Explained in 13 Minutes (video; Captivating History)

Ancient China (podcast; from Civilisation, BBC World Service)

Geography of Ancient China by Instructomania (video; Instructomania; great info on how geography shapes lives starts around 5 minutes 30 seconds)

Ancient China the Silk Road short history (video; AncientLibrary)

Silk Road (article; World Book Encyclopedia)

The Silk Road (article; National Geographic Resource Library)

Ancient India:

Indus Valley Civilization (article; World Book Student)

India (article; World Book Student; check Land & Climate sections; Related Information may have useful links)

Ancient India (podcast; from Civilisation, BBC World Service)

Ancient India for Kids (check menu for related links; Mr. Donn)

Geography of India for Ancient World History for Instructomania (video; Instructormania)

Ancient Israel:

Israel (article; World Book Student; check The Land and Climate sections)

Palestine (article; World Book Student; see section Early History and Settlement)

Phoenicia (article; World Book Student)

Ancient Israel (articles; TimeMaps Encyclopedia; the information is good once you get past incessant ads)

Canaan (article; World History Encyclopedia)

Israel (article; World History Encyclopedia; see interactive map that shows several civilizations that were present in this region)

Ancient Israelite House (interactive; Thinglink; by Karla Suomala)

Ancient Mayan:

Ancient Mayan: Facts & Information for Kids (article; History for Kids)

World Religions:

SD83 World of Information Look for user name & password in your agenda book if accessing from home. Choose World Book Student. Enter the name of the religion in the Search Bar.

URI Kids: World Religions (United Religions Initiative)

BBC Religions portal (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Religion Facts

Systems of Government:

Government (article; World Book Student)

Government of Canada (article; World Book Student)

Self-Government (article on indigenous self-government; Government of Canada)

What are Canada’s Three Branches of Government? (video; Parliament of Canada)

Global Poverty and Inequality:

Canadian Museum for Human Rights (explore the Stories section for many articles)

Residential school system of Canada (article; World Book Student)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (article; World Book Student)

Internment of Japanese Canadians (article; The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Internment: Politics of Racism (video; Nikkei Stories)

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, Online Exhibits (articles)

Visual Timeline (

The Chinese Head Tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act (article by Matthew McRae; Canadian Museum for Human Rights) 

Chinese Head Tax in Canada (article; The Canadian Encyclopedia)

What is Global Inequality? (article and videos; Kids Boost Immunity)

If the World was only 100 People (video; Knovva Academy)

Global Inequality (video; Khan Academy)

Poverty is not Inevitable (video; The Global Goals)

Unlocking Potential to Solve Poverty (video; 2020; looks at potential solutions post-Covid; The Global Goals)

All Kids Should Dream – Global Goals & Liverpool Football Club (video; The Global Goals)

Urbanization & Migration

Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanization (video; Geography Lessons)

Push and Pull Factors as drivers of migration (video; Geography Lessons)

Cities in the World: a new perspective on urbanisation (video: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

International Co-operation & Response to Global Issues

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (website; check the Topics tab)



Applied Design, Skills and Technology:

What kind of things affect a reputation? (padlet)

Your Digital Footprint (Becca Lee Jaro)

Building Your Brand: Establishing a Positive Presence Online (MediaSmarts)

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies (S. Clark)

Ms. Kallies: Passion Projects


CBC Kids News

Physical & Health Education:

The Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain (Learn.Genetics, University of Utah)

Substance Use – choose from topics listed (Kids Help Phone)

What is substance use? includes risks and effects (Kids Help Phone)

Drug Guide for Parents –  easy reference chart; enlarge to read easily (Drug Free Kids Canada)

What You Need to Know About Drugs (KidsHealth, Nemours Foundation, U.S.A.)

Drugs of Abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse, U.S.A.)


Core French:

Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture


Language Arts:

Career Education:

Arts Education:

Core French:

Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture