Parent Advisory Council Executive


PAC Meetings are on the third Monday of every month at 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the Library (except December, March & June).


Co-Chair:  Robin Meadows (
Co-Chair:  Loretta DeDood (
Treasurer:  Suzy Beckner (
Secretary:  Kari Wilkinson (


DPAC Representative:  Kari Wilkinson (
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School Planning Council:
Healthy Schools Representative:
French Advisory Committee (FAC):

Steps to follow when you have a concern: when you advocate on behalf of your child the way you express your concerns has an effect on the outcome.

Consider the views of others.  You may not agree, but by listening, you will understand where they are “coming from” and where a solution might be found.  When both sides are heard, it is easier to work together to find solutions.

Document your information.  It is easy to get confused or forget.  Jot down notes, record dates of meetings, phone calls, etc.  Keep copies of everything you send and receive.

Commit to resolution.  Ensure you are working to solve the problem.  Be honest with your self and other.  Plan how the problem will be solves.  Think of the effect your suggested plan will have.  Act in good faith; assume the best in others.  Be both flexible and open minded.