PAC Meeting April 25 (hybrid)

Parents/guardians are welcome to join the hybrid PAC meeting Monday, April 25 @ 6:30 p.m. Mme Weir has sent out the link to join the meeting to all of our families, so please check your emails if you’d like to participate virtually or join us in the library at 6:30.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Spread the Word(s)!

Division 211 (Mrs. Kallies’ class) wants your help to “spread the word(s)!”

They have been working on recognizing the power of words to share our feelings and our thoughts about life and the world around us, especially lately. Thank you on behalf of division 211 for trying to help everyone to pause and think, even it’s just for a moment.

And thank you to division 211 for your leadership around kindness.

Birdhouse Fundraiser for Habitat

Teacher email contact is

The grade 6s in division 116 have been painting decorative birdhouses to sell in time for Easter!

While considering the homes of children globally, and participating in a writing contest, “The Meaning of Home”, through Habitat for Humanity, we were contacted by Ms. P. (former Art teacher) that almost 30 birdhouses were donated to the school and asked if we had an idea to use them.

Turns out, Aaron Cannon from Canoe Forest Products donated the plywood to John Rempel (John’s Woodworking) built these houses and we are grateful that they thought of SMS!

After fully understanding what Habitat for Humanity does in our own community, we right away made a connection between their organization, our interest in community projects and well, these free “habitats”. Then the Restore offered to donate the paint!

Because this is a fundraiser, we are asking for a minimal donation of $20. per birdhouse.

The houses will go on sale next week, Monday, April  11th until Thursday, April. 14th, at SMS, before school, at lunch time and after school.

If you miss this opportunity to purchase a birdhouse, they will be available later at the ReStore, here in Salmon Arm. All proceeds go to this location.

Please help us reach our goal to raise $500.