SMS Café

Monday – Pizza $2 per slice – Cheese, Pepperoni or Ham & Pineapple

Tuesday – Quesadilla & Veggies $5, Cookies $1

Wednesday – Baked Chicken & Wedges $5

Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad $5

Friday – Pizza $2 per slice – Cheese, Pepperoni or Ham & Pineapple

SMS Lunch Punch Cards are available for sale in the school office for $30.  These cards can be used to purchase lunches on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  Cash is required if you want to purchase lunch on Tuesdays.

When a lunch card is purchased the student’s name and division are added to the card.  The card can either be given to the students to take care of and bring to the store when they purchase items or the card can be stored in the Café.  When students go to purchase their food they give the Café staff their name and the staff will deduct that days food total off their card.lunch card