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Winter Celebrations & Festivals Around the World

Interesting Christmas Traditions from Around the World (N11 Productions; video)

World Book Student Encyclopedia 

Winter Celebrations (National Geographic Kids)

How do they celebrate Christmas around the world? (CBC Kids)

Christmas Traditions Around the World (Santa’s Net)

Welcome to Christmas Around the World (The-North-Pole)

Christmas Around the World (Why Christmas)

Christmas Around the World (The Holiday Spot)

Christmas Around the World (Travel Channel)

Santas Around the World (Travel Channel)

Christmas Around the World (Kids World Travel Guide)

A Few Christmas Traditions in Quebec (Quebec Culture Blog)

Traditions of Christmas in Contemporary Quebec (in article Christmas in Canada, The Canadian Encyclopedia; scroll way down to find this section)

20 Christmas Traditions Around the World That May Surprise You (Country Living)

What is Hanukkah? (BimBam; video)

What is Hanukkah? (

Hanukkah (Britannica)

Kwanzaa (Britannica)

Kwanzaa – celebrating pan-African culture, community and history (CBC Kids)

All about Diwali – the festival of lights (CBC Kids)

Diwali (Britannica)

Chinese New Year (Britannica)

It’s the Year of the Ox! What’s your lunar zodiac animal? (CBC Kids)

What popular foods are eaten on Lunar New Year? (CBC Kids)

St. Lucia’s Day (Britannica)

Did you know there’s a Christmas in January? (CBC Kids; Orthodox Christmas; Ukrainian Christmas)

The Christmas pickle and other holiday traditions (CBC Kids)

General Rules Regarding the Nativity Fast (St. Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church, Edmonton)

Winter Solstice (Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway from the Buffalo People Arts Institute; Royal Saskatchewan Museum; video)

The Story of Winter Solstice – Knowledge and Wisdom Keeper Pauline Shirt (George Brown College, Toronto; video)

Célébrations d’hiver autour du monde

World Book Student

World Book Encyclopédie Découverte

Les traditions de Noël autour du monde (Sé

Noël autour du monde (La pomme verte)

Quel Noël autour du monde? (CNews; vidéo)

Les traditions de Noël dans le Québec contemporain (article dans Noël au Canada, Encyclopédie canadienne; cherche bas dans la page pour trouver cette section)


World Book Kids article “Wolf”

World Book Student article “Wolf”

Gray Wolves (National Geographic)

Wolf (Wild Safe BC) – preventing wolf conflict with humans


“Storm” article, World Book Encyclopedia

“Thunderstorm” article, World Book Encyclopedia

“Storm Chaser” article, World Book Encyclopedia

9 of the Worst Weather Disasters in B.C. History (604 Now)

IN PICTURES: Lightning storm surges through Okanagan (Global News)


“Solar System” article, World Book Encyclopedia

“Planet” article, World Book Encyclopedia

“Space Exploration” article, World Book Encyclopedia

Astronaut” article, World Book Encyclopedia

“Chris Hadfield” article, World Book Encyclopedia

Video Editing

How to Edit Videos (for Beginners) – DSLRGuide

How to Edit Videos: Top Tips for Beginners (Alex Cox)

Hockey Sticks

How It’s Made – Hockey Sticks (Discovery Channel)

Factory Made – Ice Hockey Sticks (Discovery Channel)

The Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl Disaster: What Happened and the Long-Term Impacts (National Geographic)

Chernobyl Disaster (World Book Student Encyclopedia)

Engine Performance

Nitrous: How it Works (Science Garage, YouTube)

Engine (World Book article)

How does nitrous oxide help an engine perform better? (How Stuff Works)

Semi Trucks (Peterbilts)

Peterbilt web site (check the Innovation tab)

Truck (World Book article; also check Related link within the article)

Animation: How to Make a Polished Animation

How to Make Animated Videos in Minutes (by RawShorts, a commercial business; explains their application)

How I Animate on Flipaclip?? Steps and tips (Pinq)

How I animate on Flipaclip (SimoGalaxy)


Fairy tales have ancient origin (The Telegraph newspaper)

Folklore (World Book Encyclopedia; also check Related link in article)

Folk literature – Folktale (Encyclopaedia Britannica; check article and media links)

Coding for Computer Games

CodeCombat (use coding to play the game)

Gamestar Mechanic (learn to design video games)

Clans (Indigenous Peoples)

Clan (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Indigenous Peoples in Canada includes list of Indigenous nations (The Canadian Encyclopedia)