Purdys Pick Up Times

If you ordered Purdys Chocolates from the PAC Fundraiser earlier this month, please pick up your Purdys orders at one of these scheduled times:

TUESDAY, NOV. 29 from 4-5 pm
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30 from 6-7 pm

Pick up is at the main office. The larger orders will not be possible to take home on the bus so please make arrangements for transportation home. Thank you for participating in the PAC Fundraiser!

Important Upcoming Dates

Nov. 24, Dec. 1 & 13 – Div. 120 to Salmon Arm Curling Club
Nov. 25 – Comfy Clothes Day – dress in your most comfortable clothing, may include pajamas
Nov. 28, Dec. 5 & 12 – Div. 123 to Salmon Arm Curling Club
Nov. 30, Dec. 8 & 14 – Div. 121 to Salmon Arm Curling Club
Dec. 7 – Div. 224 to Gym of Rock
Dec. 9 – Field Trip for Div. 117 and 199 to Lakeside Bowling
Dec. 14 – First term report card published to Family Portal
Dec. 14 – Field Trip for Div 219 and 125 to Hucul Pond for skating
Dec. 16 – Last day of school before Winter Break
Jan. 2 – New Year Stat holiday (Schools closed)
Jan. 3 – (Tuesday) School re-opens

Conference day coming up

Student-Teacher-Family Conferences play an important role in establishing student learning goals for the year. This year, in-person Student-Teacher-Family Conferences will take place on October 26th, 2022, at all Elementary and Middle Schools in SD83. Students will not be in attendance this day, except during their scheduled conference time. 

The Student-Teacher-Family conferences serve as an informal learning update (previously an “interim report”) and provide an opportunity to establish and build relationships where the student, teacher, and family collaboratively discuss meaningful goals for student growth. Areas of strength, areas for growth, and next steps will be identified for each student. 


  • Your child’s school will share information about how to book a conference time with your child’s teacher 
  • Conferences will be around 15 minutes in length for each student and will be held in your child’s classroom  
  • During the conference, opportunities will be provided to share examples of learning, reflect on areas of strength, and identify areas of further growth  
  • Student goals may be developed as part of the conference preparation in advance and then reviewed together during the conference, or discussed and completed together at the conference 
  • Any support required to meet the goals will also be identified during the conference 
  • Teachers will follow-up with all parents who are unable to attend on the October 26th Conference Day (options include: scheduling a conference meeting on another day, facilitating a virtual conference using Microsoft Teams, or discussing student growth and goals over the phone)  
  • Conferences will look and feel different based on the developmental stage and readiness of the child; for example, a student in Grade 1 may be more supported through the process than a student in Grade 8 
  • Student voice and participation are valued at all developmental stages; teachers and families will work together to support students as needed during these conferences 

The Ministry of Education and Child Care’s K to 12 Reporting Policy Framework provides an overview of the upcoming changes to the Student Reporting Policy, set to be fully implemented in the 2023/24 school year. 

Health Checklist

It is that time of year when flus, colds and yes, Covid-19 are becoming more common in our schools. Please ensure that you are going through the health checklist before sending your child to school. If they are not feeling well, please keep them at home. Email your child’s teacher if they are going to miss more than a couple of days. Please find the health checklist on the right side of the website.

FSA assessment

 This is the time of year when our students in grades 4 & 7 begin participating in the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA). This annual provincial assessment, measures students’ academic skills and provides the district with a snapshot of students’ foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. All students in grades 4 & 7 are required by the Ministry of Education and Child Care to participate in the FSA. 

The results of the FSA serve as an important tool to support student learning in SD83 which will be particularly important as we continue to determine the impact of COVID-19 on student learning. The district also uses the assessment data to support the alignment of resources during our annual budget discussions. FSA data is not part of the formal student evaluation process and is not included in student report cards. 

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